Robert Sherkin


The road before Dynamic Tire is an exciting one, filled with twists and turns, many of which are anticipated yet some are still unknown.

The challenges facing our industry are unprecedented material cost increases, heightened competition and the ever present need to improve quality and value of our products. More than ever, strong leadership is needed to meet and exceed all challenges that come our way.

At Dynamic Tire, we have a clear, singular vision and a passion for growth as a leading provider of quality tire products, both nationally and internationally.

I am proud to offer you an insider's look at the company that Dynamic Tire is, and will continue to be.


Driven by commitment. Dynamic is committed to the design, manufacture, delivery, and service to a comprehensive line of high-quality tires.


Dynamic Tire Corp. has been a thoroughbred in the tire industry since 1997. This success has been through not only providing our customers with exemplary service, but also with innovation and visionary engineering in our products.

We recognize that none of this would matter if we did not operate on a foundation of trust. Trust runs deep through our organization and is exemplified by every business decision we make. We are driven by our commitment to our partners, our customers, and our vendors.

Through the leadership of Robert Sherkin and Peter Koszo, Dynamic Tire is comprised of passionate industry experts who pride themselves on being innovative, but most importantly, our organization is driven by our commitment to our customers and vendors. What makes us an industry leader is continually investing in technology, engineering, and our family of products.