A Dynamic History

1944 United Tire is formed. Husky Sherkin is appointed CEO of United Tire in 1955, serving through to 1995.
1970 Dynamic's roots began with Husky Sherkin at United Tire who engineered and manufactured the "United" Off The Road (OTR) tire brand in Canada.
1982 Husky's son Robert Sherkin establishes a ground-breaking joint venture with a Chinese manufacturer to produce tires in China. The company was called TUTRIC (Tianjin United Tire Rubber).
1997 Dynamic was born in 1997 when Husky's son, Robert and Peter Koszo started the company to develop the Primex line of Off The Road (OTR) tires. The company grew at a rapid pace due to Bob's unique strategy of employing a strong Engineering and Design team based in Toronto to aid in the development of tires built overseas. Dynamic leveraged strong relations with key Chinese tire manufacturers to create a successful outsourced manufacturing base.
1998 Dynamic Tire's Engineers developed the Primex brand of OTR tires, which won market share thanks to their Canadian-specific designs and superior value.
2001 Dynamic Tire opened an office in Tianjin, China which housed a Logistics and Engineering Team. The Engineering Team was trained by the North American Engineering Team with a focus on manufacturing quality. Dynamic Tire opened operations in the United States with warehouses in Syracuse, NY, and Birmingham, AL followed by Memphis, TN.
2003 Dynamic Tire expanded its product line beyond OTR tires to offer PLT, ST Radial, MRT, Agricultural and Forestry tires to the North American market.
2005 Dynamic merged with Galaxy Tire to form "GPX" to tackle both the Canadian and American markets while also expanding its Original Equipment (OE) Fitment Portfolio.
2007 The US Government introduced Anti-dumping and Countervailing duties targeting Chinese-manufactured Off-road tires, forcing US operations to close within 2 years.
2010 Dynamic was reborn with a new focus, leveraging the unique skill sets the company had developed over the previous 30 years.
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