Dynamic Leadership


Bob Sherkin


Robert is a visionary with over 40 years experience in the tire industry. Often referred to as the “Tire Man,” Robert’s passion for tires drove him to establish Dynamic Tire Inc. in 1997.

Robert began his career at United Tire, and has accumulated a wealth of knowledge in his tenure at the company prior to founding Dynamic Tire Inc. In 1982, Robert's vision led him to establish a revolutionary joint venture to manufacture tires in China on behalf of United Tire.

For Robert, Dynamic Tire Inc. represents, “an opportunity to do things differently; to build on the core values of Quality, Trust, and Support, to better serve the tire market collaboratively and sustainably.”

Peter Koszo


Peter is a strategic manufacturing and distribution expert within the tire industry with over 26 years of experience. Upon completing studies in Economics, Peter began his career in the tire industry in 1988.

Peter accumulated an expert understanding of the manufacturing and distribution of automotive tires over the course of the next 9 years. In 1997, Peter decided to become a founding partner in Dynamic Tire Inc.

Peter is adamant on developing longstanding relationships with manufacturing and distribution partners that are complementary with the long term objectives of Dynamic Tire Inc. in order to achieve sustainable growth in the crowded tire market.


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